MESURA takes pride in avoiding the confines of a «signature» design approach. Purposefully steering clear of a stylistic formula, the firm ensures that each project bears a unique imprint. The team’s strength lies in their attentive listening, transforming designs and structures into personalized reflections of clients’ identities and values. Through collaborative methods such as research, workshops, and surveys, MESURA co-constructs spaces that resonate with individuality.

For MESURA, every project serves as an open-ended exploration, challenging clients to envision and pursue alternative, desired states. Offering guidance and expertise throughout the architectural process—from conception to construction—the firm not only thinks, designs, and builds but also effectively communicates the results, fostering a dynamic and collaborative journey.

Why Barcelona?


Well, at the end, the five partners of Mesura were born here in Barcelona and met each other in the Architecture University of Barcelona. Here is where we grew not only as persons but also as architects. Pretty much one thing why we stayed here is that Barcelona was and is giving us what we aim, and that is a practice open to the world. Barcelona gives you this opportunity, of having a design recognition that you can work from here to the rest of the world, not only to go out, but also to bring it to our internal team, our community all the talent that we can find all around the world. Talented people, sharing our mentality of innovation, creativity and design, this city is giving something to them, that I can’t explain, but it attracts it. Whenever we can, we try to attract it to Mesura, and this gives a really powerful community of diversity and to listen to different points of view so make more rich our thoughts and design.



Who is Mesura?


We are a creative approach by the unknown, resulting in durable and intuitive solutions within architecture, design, culture and beyond. At the end, we define ourselves not as interdisciplinary but transdisciplinary. Always rooted in architecture and design, we want to go beyond it, investigate this unknown culture of anything that motivates us. We define our design and architecture not as a style, so every project we do is eclectic. We never expect an initial result in any of them, because we want that each project, place, person about to live in that architecture is different. We want these facts to give a different result in each of our projects, and this is also making us learn each day new ways of constructing and thinking.




Favorite spot in the city?


This is a hard question to answer, as there’s a few of us in the studio and has a different one. I’d say, and this is a very classic answer, Mies van der Rohe Pavilion has given us many magical moments in the studio. One of our first projects won a special local award, and that was a special moment for us. It is a place where we usually end up, one way or another, not only because we believe, although it is a building from 1929, it is one of the most innovative buildings you can find nowadays. It is not only about the excellent architecture that represents and that we believe in, but also a place where we many things have happened in Mesura. This spot is really special. There’s another one that usually brings our community together: La Barceloneta. I believe is, because our studio is in Vallcarca, in the mountains, and we like to go a bit far away from it to open our minds and feel in contact with the sea.