La Veronal

Since its inception in 2005, La Veronal has redefined the boundaries of contemporary dance, positioning itself as a dynamic crucible where various art forms converge and dance in unison. Under the visionary leadership of Marcos Morau, this avant-garde dance company has not only mastered the intricacies of movement but has woven an intricate tapestry of diverse art forms, embracing photography, music, choreography, literature, and more. La Veronal transcends conventional boundaries, firmly rooted in the belief that the arts should be interconnected and in constant communion with the world.

Born in the vibrant city of Barcelona, La Veronal reflects the cosmopolitan spirit of its birthplace. Marcos Morau’s journey to Barcelona, initially driven by academic pursuits, evolved into a profound connection with the city’s dynamic energy. The company, a carefully woven family, comprises individuals from Barcelona and beyond, contributing to the city’s awake and ever-eager spirit for change.

What is La Veronal?


La Veronal is primarily a dance company where the body, movement, and choreography possibly take center stage in the image. However, that image is composed of the sum of many artistic disciplines, including text, dramaturgy, imagery, composition, lighting, music, the entire audiovisual universe. We believe, now more than ever, that the arts must be interconnected and in constant connection with the world and with each other.


How do you approach this interconnectedness of various artistic disciplines?


This is not something new; it has been happening in recent years, and now more than ever, we realize that in a dance or theater company, everything is interconnected. We use what is within our reach to develop ideas, to ask ourselves questions, to progress as a society. What is the art that will come in the future? What is the legacy that has been passed down to us? We are witnesses of this time, and this time is in constant evolution and connection. Art cannot be understood without speaking about life. I believe that, right now, art bears witness to its time, and we advance with it. La Veronal is committed to an interconnected and ever-changing art.


La Veronal was born in 2005, in Barcelona. How did you end up here?


I chose Barcelona as the city to live in primarily out of an academic necessity. I came here with a transfer from Valencia to complete my studies in choreography. Later, I stayed to pursue a master’s in the Theory and Practice of Dramaturgy, and I wanted to do a Ph.D. In all this time, I encountered people who, like me, had similar concerns, and gradually I wove the entire family that today is La Veronal. It consists of people from here, individuals who have come from elsewhere and have also decided to live in Barcelona. Little by little, Barcelona has become my home base. I live here with my family and artistic team, but I travel constantly and always end up returning here.




Favorite spot in the city?


I believe Barcelona is the sum of all its elements; that’s what makes it special. It’s the sea, it’s the mountain, but above all, it’s also the interconnection it has with the rest of the world. It’s a transient, welcoming place for developing projects, for beginnings, for endings. It’s a place in constant flux, with people and artists coming and going, and I think that keeps the city very awake, very eager for change, making it unique. If I had to choose one point, perhaps I would pick Montjuïc because it’s the place where I first lived, where I was educated. It’s a place of theater, of art, Olympic in nature, and for me, Montjuïc is a special mountain because of my time in the city and what it means to her.