Giusy Amoroso

Renowned for her ability to seamlessly weave elements of technology, nature, and biology into her creations, Italian-born Giusy Amoroso is a visionary force in the realm of contemporary digital art. A true polymath, her diverse background infuses her work with distinctive flexibility, allowing her to eschew rigid rules in favor of an intuitive, free-flowing creative process. For her, escapism is about providing a safe space for deep reflection.

Within her mystic and enchanting worlds, Giusy Amoroso delves into the profound connection between nature and its living beings, exploring the transformative possibilities that technology can bring to the human experience. As an artist, she is unwaveringly committed to evoking emotional landscapes and changing perceptions.

Her latest masterpiece, “Beyond Perception”, premiering at IDEAL under the umbrella of by MIRA Festival, is an immersive experience in which morphogenetic forms abound, and organic sculptures float ethereally in the water.

Who is Giusy Amoroso?


My name is Giusy Amoroso, and I am a digital artist from Italy based in Berlin since 2019. I have a diverse background, having studied sociology, product and public design, and later earning a master’s in Computer Graphics with a focus on CGI and VFX for film post-production.


How would you best describe your style?


My art is a blend of surrealist technology, nature and biology.


Your background spans various disciplines. How has this interdisciplinary foundation shaped your creative process, particularly when integrating art, science, and technology into your work?


Having a mixed background adds a lot of flexibility to my creative process. I don’t like to follow strict rules; instead, I follow my intuition and let it guide me through the process.


Nature seems to be a significant muse for your creations. What specific aspects of nature captivate you, and how do you seamlessly incorporate these elements into your digital art?


Nature is my biggest inspiration, and what fascinates me is the harmonious connection it has with living beings. I absorb what nature gives me as inputs, reinterpret them through my perception, and give them my creative twist.


Your pieces often transport viewers into dreamlike realities. How do you strike a balance between the surreal and the tangible?


I’m not looking for a balance between the surreal and the tangible. I go with the flow, and if a natural element or something from daily life fits into my world, it happens naturally.


What role does escapism play in your artistic vision?


Escape, for me, is about providing a safe space for deep reflection. Reflecting on how technology can create positive impacts instead of being associated only with destruction.


Fantastic creatures are a prominent feature in your work. Can you discuss a specific project that holds a unique place in your heart?


One of my favorite projects is Polypixos, an art series co-founded with the artist Exitsimulation. They are a hybrid species living in the Polyverse, a multiverse made of different dimensions. Their mission is to help humans overcome individual and collective traumas and promote harmony and balance.


The dynamic between humans and technology is a recurring theme in your work. How do you perceive this relationship, and how does it inform the narratives you construct within your art?


Human and technology are in perfect symbiosis, constantly changing and evolving. I tell narratives about this deep connection and how technology can change our perception. My aim is to bring awareness about technology’s possibilities to inspire curiosity and inclusiveness.


Considering the intersection of science, technology, and art in your work, what emotions or responses do you hope to evoke in viewers?


At the core of my art is the concept of changing the perception of reality. This is something I’m really pushing while creating my work.


Could you please introduce your last exhibition, ‘Beyond Perception,’ premiering at IDEAL under the umbrella of


‘Beyond Perception’ is a project I premiered at IDEAL under by MIRA Festival. It’s a journey through two different realities, two different worlds. As you travel through these dimensions, you’ll encounter living beings guiding you and leaving you with magical powers to bring back to real life. My aim with this project is to inspire people to go beyond their common perceptions and reflect on the connection between human perception and reality.