Andrés Reisinger

Andrés Reisinger asserts that his «Reisinger Studio» eludes conventional classification, allowing his art the freedom to evolve uninhibited. His creations serve as conduits between the conceptual and the corporeal, perpetually challenging the demarcations between digital and tangible realms.

Acclaimed for his sublime installations and conceptual artistry, Reisinger transcends the mundane to forge enthralling universes that inspire profound reflections and emotions.

Andrés Reisinger ranks among the world’s preeminent digital artists. Originating from Argentina and now residing in Madrid, he is the visionary founder of Reisinger Studio, a dynamic, multidisciplinary design nexus located in the pulsating heart of Barcelona.


His oeuvre masterfully integrates technology with profound sentiment, crafting pieces that are as enigmatic as they are exquisitely executed, brimming with deep emotion.

Could you introduce yourself?

I am Andrés Reisinger, visual artist and designer.



How would you define your artistic work?

I wouldn’t and never have, as I believe words act as powerful means of limitation. As soon as you label something, it instantly cannot become something else. My art wants to be free to become.



You are a multidisciplinary artist, can you explain what unites all your creations, what defines your artistic universe?

An intrinsic curiosity and interest into human emotions, the universal as well as the most profound intimate ones.



Where does your inspiration come from?

All that surrounds me, but especially from nature and its incredibly complex processes.



What do you consider to be your most personal work and what best defines you as an artist? Why?

All of them are equally personal as they are expressions of my creativity. Some of the ones that feel more poignant have crossed the lines between the digital and the physical, in the discovery of a new experiential realm that feeds from both.



Why is the omnipresence of the color pink your "artistic signature" and present in the majority of your creations? What does it represent for you?

Pink is the strongest symbol capable of encapsulating human essence – it is a color that joins us all, as it is the one of our inner organs. It at once communicates feelings of universality and introspection, intimacy.



You have a personal passion for music. How does music influence your creations?

In the rigor of practice and in the rhythm; I look at my canvas, colors and shapes as compositions that play with silence and notes.



You originally come from the world of design. How has your evolution from design to art been?

Very organic; they all are creations, expressions of human capabilities and reflections of our contemporary. It is the mere output that changes.



You mix various disciplines in your artistic proposal, but which one serves as a starting point and how does it feed on the rest?

It is the curiosity in one specific theme, followed by deep and intense research; reading, writing, thinking, changing ideas. Only when the output is clear in my mind, in all of its expression, I then begin to actually create.



Through your creations, you blur the boundaries between the digital world and the real world, oscillating from one universe to the other. Are you more inspired by the digital or the real world?

I am inspired by human experiences that happen in both. I am not so interested in separations, comparisons, exclusivity, but rather in the combinations and in the unforeseen richness that comes from that.



Is your digital work always initially conceived with the intention of possibly becoming something real, or does this happen by chance?

So far it has always happened organically and by mere curiosity. There is always an intention behind a work of art, but it is at times far more interesting to let that creation be, live and take its own course.



Regarding your project "Take over" which originated from creations made using the artificial intelligence tool, how did this project materialize into physical installations that took place in Jeddah, Miami, and Madrid?

Through a lot of hard, intense and incredibly gratifying effort. It was the outcome of a grand team of people that made it possible. It is fascinating to see how minds can come together to defy preconceptions. Although it seemed hard to be possible at first, it indeed came into being.



Could you share your vision on the future of digital art with us?

I can and want to foresee a future where creative realms intertwine more freely, in the creation of experiential artistic dimensions that are composed of both physical and digital facets, learning from each other and enriching each other. The digital can teach our creativity to expand horizons, reaching what was first conceived unreachable, while the tangible can continue to keep us grounded in the physical senses. Together, they can connect us even deeper to the greatest wealth of our human abilities.