In the vibrant intersection of art, technology, and collective imagination, 11v151131_M06 emerges as a distinctive figure. This self-taught visual and sound artist delves into uncharted territories of hyper-futurism, which he describes as a blend of artificial nature artifacts and futuristic materiality. This unique approach serves as a canvas for narratives that transcend time, often guided by the interplay of collective memories and the transformative capabilities of AI technology.

Born in Mexico City and currently based in Berlin, 11v151131_M06 is the founder of Hyperfuturism, a collective boasting over fifty global artists. For him, collaboration is a cornerstone of his practice, finding magic in sharing ideas and envisioning collaborations as a means to pushing the boundaries of digital art within the contemporary art discourse.

His latest venture, «1v14C1111vE. F2R ARTIFACTS,» reveals a digital generative art piece that premiered at the MIRA Digital Arts Festival. Mixing AI, sound, and real-time processing tools, it was an open invitation to his intricate and innovative universe.

Could you briefly introduce yourself?


My name is Julio, and I go by 11v151131_M06. I’m a visual and sound artist born in Mexico City and currently based in Berlin.



How would you best describe your style?


I call it hyper-futurism, a combination of artificial nature artifacts and futuristic materiality.



Your narratives seem to weave together past, present, and future. Is your work a vessel for transhumanistic reflections, and what are your artistic goals?


My creative process involves concepts connected to collective memories. These concepts are processed through a lens and built by AI technology, serving as a catalyst for the mutation and reconfiguration of historical and cultural narratives. Ultimately, I aim to build a parallel reality. While my artistic goals might not be directly related to my personal work, I am dedicated to building communities with emerging artists and creating open spaces for future generations.




Being a self-taught digital artist, how has diving into different disciplines influenced your journey? Is your practice intentionally pushing boundaries?


Experimentation is a crucial part of my creative process. Diving into new technologies and learning innovative ways to apply them has always been a strong motivation. Photography, film, sound, and fine arts are fundamental aspects fully integrated into my work.




"1v14c1111ve" is the name of your Future Archaeological Research. Where has this archaeological exploration taken you, and how does it play into your creative process?


«1v14c1111ve» is my dedicated AI project, allowing me to combine different methods, working from the conceptual side inspired by stage photography to imaginary narratives and incorporating memories from an autobiographical perspective.




AI seems to be a driving force in your work. How does technology, particularly AI, help you imagine and create new worlds?


Technology is very impressive. I have built my own workflows around AI models, incorporating analog inputs and machine learning. Additionally, I have integrated my own 3D CGI world to create a unique perspective on the use of these tools.




Collaboration is a big part of your practice, especially as the founder of Hyperfuturism. What's the significance of collaboration for you?


Collaboration and collective work are very important to me. Being able to listen and share ideas with other artists, in fact, is magical. I tend to envision the potential of these collaborations and dream of the outcomes. Hyperfuturism is a collective of over fifty artists from around the world making an effort to push the boundaries of digital art and position it within the discourse of contemporary art.



To wrap it up, can you give us a sneak peek into 1v14C1111vE. F2R ARTIFACTS, the installation premiering in Europe during the MIRA Digital Arts Festival?


«F2R ARTIFACTS» is a digital generative art piece I created in collaboration with Yu Miyashita and Rodrigo S. I cross-processed 3D imagery using AI, sound, and real-time processing tools. It’s a single-player experience that opens windows into the artificial worlds I’ve created while generating a processing sound in real-time.