Blend is a groundbreaking multidisciplinary one-day creative festival taking place on 8 November in Barcelona, where collaboration is not just celebrated, but actively cultivated and nurtured. From art directors, filmmakers and fashion designers to musicians, architects and writers, Blend is an incubator for original thinking, new experiences and networking minds. For creatives, by creatives. Join us.


Within the enchanting realm of BlendBCN Universe, a convergence of visionary talents emerges. Together, we embark on a profound exploration, embracing the transformative potential of interdisciplinarity. Within this vibrant tapestry, emerging and established minds intertwine, forging new frontiers of artistic expression, and redefining the boundaries of creativity.

Based in Barcelona, the acclaimed Mediterranean capital of creativity, BlendBCN aspires to be a hub for the creative industries, and a catalyst for innovative thought. Here, minds come together to challenge the status quo, driven by the boundary-pushing meeting of disciplines, specialties and spheres, with constructive dialogue giving rise to the discovery of uncharted creative territory.

BlendBCN highlights the worlds of advertising, art direction, graphic design, media, multimedia, video games, architecture, product design, crafts, fashion, film, photography, and music.